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"The two pillows are WUNDERBAR! We just love them and they are beautifully made! Thank You!"
March 2013

"I have to tell you how HAPPY you made me! Your work is just wonderful. The lace on the slip is just so pretty. I'm so excited to have it, and I love showing off a little lace. So many of my short dresses are button-down, and with the work you did I can leave a few buttons open to show off the lace! You made my junky cutoff slip magnificent! Everything is done to perfection. You are soooo talented, my friend! My head is busy thinking of projects to do with you! I can't wait!! Thank you again for your flawless work! I feel blessed to have found you!"
December 2012

"Dolores actually made my wedding dress and I absolutely loved it! I used a rather unusual and difficult-to-work-with appliqué lace that absolutely could not be replaced. The dress that in and of itself wasn't complicated, but had a lot of wrapping which I expect was difficult to do with the thick fabric. I had brought her a photo of what I was looking for, and she did exactly what we were expecting. We met with her tons of times before the wedding of course for fittings and she was so sweet and helpful and made sure that it was perfect! She did a beautiful job and the dress was exactly what I wanted! In addition to the dress, she also made a linen vest that my husband wore at the ceremony, my purse, and alterations for my bridesmaid. We did not have a picture of the vest we were looking for, he just said that he wanted it and she came up with examples until he picked out what he wanted. I know he was happy with it."
August 2011

"My purse was a beautifully quilted handbag with the fabric from my dress overlaid onto it. The alterations for my bridesmaid's dress was just a hem shortening, but she has since gone to her quite a few times with alterations on her regular clothes so I know she's been happy with her, too. I have one other friend that I referred to Dolores and she had almost her entire wardrobe altered due to a weight loss. Some of the clothes she had gotten done elsewhere first and went to Dolores because she wasn't happy with what the first place had done. I know that Dolores was able to fix what she had been unhappy with in the first place. We have had a wonderful experience with Dolores and absolutely intend to continue using her for projects. My husband, mom, and I think she's fantastic, and I know that my two girlfriends have also been very happy with the work she has done."
August 2011

"University of Nebraska t-shirt blanket) We have been using the t-shirt blankets on our bed instead of the comforter. Your attention to details becomes very apparent when you have the blanket on the bed. You made sure that the "Ns" in the flannel are always right side up, even the part that hangs over the side of the bed! I knew you did good work, but that blew me away. They are the perfect weight and so comfy to sleep under. Yesterday when we were making the bed, my husband said: "These are the best blankets. Such good memories – not only of the games, but also of the person that made them." I couldn't believe he'd say something so sentimental. So, know that we do LOVE our blankets"
Aug 2011

"Dear Dolores, Thank you for the excellent work you did on my nursing covers! I love them and they are perfect for running around town with the baby. They turned out exactly as I envisioned... chic, elegant and stylish! I enjoyed meeting you and working with you. Thank you for listening to create exactly what I wanted and making it happen. Your work is wonderful."

"I wanted to share with you pictures from our beautiful day. It was just a beautiful, perfect day - and I cannot think of anything that I would have done differently...including the dress! I received so many compliments on my dress, and I only have YOU to thank for creating it. You took what I had in my head, and you made it real. That is amazing to me. Thank you"

"Just wanted to say thanks once again for the wonderful job you did making the pillows! They look far more beautiful than I could have imagined, thanks to your impressive talents"
Larry B.
December 2010

"Dolores - The blanket was a huge hit! She was so surprised and she cried, but she said they were tears of joy. She couldn't get over how amazing it was. My mom took the blanket to work with her so she could show her co-workers. So thank you so much for making her xmas not so sad!"

"Will certainly recommend you! Have a fantastic 2009!"
Jan 2009

"Got the blanket.... I cannot believe how big it is! It is so beautiful, you are talented! It looks very warm; I just know she will love it. Thanks for doing that so quickly. Take care"

"Dolores, we just got the permanent rod up in the bathroom this weekend to put up the curtain and you did a wonderful job. It fits so well. I do thank you so much. Hope all is well with you. I will get some fabric to you as soon as I round it all up. Thanks again"

"Edith (the lady I bought the burp cloths for) just loved them and all the ladies commented on how nice they were. When Edith opened them, she started throwing them up on her shoulders (one on one shoulder, the next on the other shoulder, etc). She especially loved the pink and purple ones (glad you made 2 of those). If they post pictures of the baby shower here, I'll send you some of her opening the gift. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job."